Advertising Creative Services:

The advertising division, being the oldest division is changing with the new advancements in technology and creative services in the industry. The Division has always been associated with top Directors, Production houses and Ad agencies in the industry. Creativewise entertainment is always preferred by clients in the industry because of the creative and in-house expert artists. Apart from post-production (Offline, Online and DI) services, the division offers VFX/CGI, Digital Production, Animatics, Stop Motion, Adaptation & Versioning, 2D & 3D single frame services. The division delivered post production services for 4 ABBY Award winners in 2018 (1 Gold, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze)

     Price : INR 176000* Starting from

Production Services:

Creativewise Entertainment is India’s largest provider of camera equipment rental services and Media Services business with Creativewise Entertainment Private Limited.

We are India’s largest camera equipment rental services provider. With a dedicated 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, we offer innovative digital cinema solutions, latest high-end cameras and equipment including expert technical support to film makers. Prime Focus was the first to introduce cameras like Alexa, Sony F65, Red Epic and Red Scarlet to the Indian market.

       Price : INR 295000* Starting from

Post Production Services:

Creativewise Entertainment is a global post production major with facilities in Mumbai, New York and London catering to local content markets. It has a highly talented team of professionals offering Digital Intermediate/color grading, sound and picture post.

Digital Intermediate/Color Grading

Creativewise Entertainment has color graded more than 225+ feature films till date. We introduced India to DI technology. Our expertise has been widely acclaimed with numerous industry awards.

Picture Post

For advertisement spots and broadcast content we are the leading post facility across markets. Our work has won multiple Emmy® awards, Abby® awards and numerous other industry recognition over the years.

     Price : INR 280000* Starting from

Commercial/Feature Film services:

We give productions a head start by providing in-depth research and transparent budgeting. We then assist in permits, location scouting, multi-city casting, travel & visas.

We source the right multilingual crew & technicians for the job. We have access to state of the art film equipment, production design & studio spaces.

      Price : INR 299000* Starting from

corporate video production services:

including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Film Creations can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives.

Whether you are shooting on location or at our studio, our state-of-the-art facilities for video production in Tucson have everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals of each client.

  • 3-D, 2-D & Motion Graphics Editing

  • Green Screen Capabilities

  • Concept, Scripting & Creative Assistance

  • Full HD Camera Packages

  • Full Audio Recording Capabilities & Royalty-Free Music Library

      Price : INR 386000* Starting from

Corporate Fashion show services:

CWE have supplied production solutions, including event lighting and video equipment rental to numerous designers' shows at London Fashion Week for many years. We understand the importance that each event passes off without the slightest compromise, and as such, every show we are part of receives the highest level of attention in both the production and pre-production stages as well as 24 hour support whilst on site.

       Price : INR 486000* Starting from

* Taxes will be added to the final cost as per statutory norms.